Please take the time to sign our Visitors Book and add your comments.   Your name, comments and your ANTISPAM (GRAPHICAL) e-mail address will be added to our Visitors book page, where others may read your comments and perhaps contact you via e-mail.  This is an ideal place to leave a message or comment about our website or Association.

Please note that this is not the place to leave a message to have your personal details on our membership list changed.  To have your details changed, please log in to the "Members Only" page (button at left) and from there you can click the lowest button to have your details changed.

Our new visitors book is online.  You MUST enter a correctly formatted and valid email address before you can send an entry.  That email address will be converted to an anti-spam GRAPHICAL format before display for your protection against spam.  There is also a confirmation 5-character code for you to enter before a post can take place.  The code is displayed to you in GRAPHIC format (once again to prevent web-crawlers from recognising it).  The code may be entered by you in either UPPER or lower case - it is displayed to you in UPPER case and consists of alpha characters and numbers, but there is no '0' (zero), 'O' (character O), '1' (one) or 'I' (character i).

Please note that ALL posts made here are now 'moderated' because of some idiots leaving rubbish.

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