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Some of the interesting links below:

The Armed Forces of the World site is also very interesting, and is a goldmine of information.

And the most interesting of our links below, the Naval Technology site.  This one has LOADS of great up-to-date information on ships from nearly all Navies - ships being built, and ships currently in use.  Weapons, propulsion systems, sensors and the lot, even links to equipment manufacturers.

Another link below is the history of the Defoe Shipbuilding Company, put up by David Defoe of Bay City, Michigan.  Very interesting site, and well worth a good look.

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Australian Government

bullet Royal Australian Navy
bullet Australian Commonwealth Government
bullet Australian Defence Force Academy
bullet Australian War Memorial
bullet Department of Defence
bullet Department of Veterans Affairs

Navy and Service Related Sites

bullet ADAMS Class Veterans Association  (US)
bullet Mesothelioma  Asbestos / mesothelioma information, mainly US Navy ships
bullet Australian & NZ Military Impostors  Check this one out - its a real eye-opener !!
bullet Australian Artillery Association  (Army)
bullet Digger History
bullet Defoe Shipbuilding Company
bullet The Gun Plot
bullet Gunners Australia  (Mainly Army types)
bullet HMAS HOBART web site
bullet Far East Strategic Reserve Navy Association Inc.
bullet HMAS VOYAGER all crews Reunions
bullet The Naval Association of Australia
bullet Tin Can Sailors site  (US)
bullet Naval Historical Society  (Australia)
bullet Naval Technology   (an excellent site with LOADS of great information)
bullet RAN Clearance Diving Association
bullet RAN PussersGreenies Online
bullet RAN Stokers Website
bullet The Returned & Services League
bullet USS BERKELEY Association (DDG15)
bullet USS HOUSTON (CA-30)  "The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast"
bullet USS NEW JERSEY Home Page
bullet USS NEWPORT NEWS Home Page
bullet USS WADDELL (DDG-24)
bullet The Australian Vietnam Casualty List
bullet The Australian Vietnam Veterans Memorial
bullet The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia
bullet Vietnam Veterans US Site

International Navy Sites

bullet French Navy
bullet Royal Navy
bullet Royal New Zealand Navy
bullet Royal Thai Navy
bullet Republic of Singapore Navy
bullet United States Navy

Other Sites of Special Interest

bullet Empress of Asia  The Empress of Asia - merchant ship during WWII
bullet US ex-Pussers Contacts